The Secret of Year Six

At a school reunion, Mike is confronted by Valerie, angry with him for snubbing her when they were sat next to each other all those years ago. Mike begins to explain why he did so and reveals an incident so shocking that everyone did their best to pretend it had never happened, turning it into an open secret - the secret of year six...

Shot as part of Screen West Midlands Digital Shorts scheme.

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Festivals and Awards:

Birmingham International Film Festival
York International Film Festival
Portobello Film Festival
Los Angeles Short Film Festival [nominated for best short film]
Bite The Mango Festival
New York International Independent Film and Video Festival [nominated for best short film]
Hertforshire Film Festival
Cardiff Screen Festival
Foyle International Digital Film Festival

Directed by François Gandolfi

Written by Andy Conway
Format DigiBeta
Director of Photography Christophe Sofietti
Produced by Helen Jenks
For Maverick Film Productions
Starring Dexter Fletcher, Naomi Gudge, Ahsen Bhatti
Introducing Irfan Hussein, Gahthan Cheema, Adam El Hagar



Ali, Abdul and Mike


Dexter Fletcher and Francois Gandolfi