Rare Books and Manuscripts

In the reading room of the British Library, shy Jess falls in love with the gorgeous Heinz.  Too tongue-tied to actually talk to him, she starts to send books to his desk, the titles of which spell out her feelings for him. The campaign doesn’t seem to be a success – until the day Jess receives a book in return. At first thrilled, Jess is soon heart-broken when she sees Heinz leaving the library on the arm of another woman.

So who has been sending her the books?

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Festivals and Awards:

UK Film Council Completion Award 2005
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2005
Brief Encounters 2005
Bang! Halloween 2006
Manchester Kino 2006
Dresden International Film Festival 2006
Almeria 2006
Marbella 2006
Brisbane 2006
Wiesbaden 2006
Brussels Short Film Festival 2007 - British Entry - Special Screening

About the Director

Bruce is a founder member of Whatever Pictures, whose short films and dramas have won international acclaim.  Recent projects include Andy Shelley’s THE TAIL, award-winning BETWEEN THE WARS by Emily Woof and Rachel Tillotson’s THE GREAT INDOORS.  Bruce’s work has won many awards, including Best Foreign Film at the New York Independent Film Fest, the Jury Prize and the Grand Prix at the Brest and Romanian Film Festivals respectively, First Prize at the Tehran Film Festival and the audience award at Brief Encounters; and has been short listed for the BAFTAs and the Kodak Short Film Showcase awards. more>

Produced by Elisabeth Pinto and Wendy Bevan-Mogg
Format 35mm
For Whatever Pictures / Davis Productions
Based on a short story by Adapted by Wendy Bevan-Mogg
Director of photography Melissa Byers
Music by Richard Lannoy
Edited by Joe Wilby
Stills by Nicolas Laborie
Starring Neve McIntosh, Ian Mosby and Alexander Giles

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Neve McIntosh as lovelorn Jess

Rare Books and Manuscripts

Neve McIntosh, Melissa Byers and Bruce Webb