Night of the Hell Hamsters

It’s a dark and stormy night…

A young couple unwittingly bring about the end of the world at the paws of the family hamsters!


Best Independent Short Film 2006 Gross Movie Reviews 
­Best Horror Film Vine Short Film Festival, USA, 2007
Best Director A Night of Horror Short Film Festival, Australia, 2007
Best Cinematography Tabloid Witch Awards 2007
Audience Favourite Zompire: The Undead Film Festival, USA, 2007
Audience Favourite Big Mountain Film Festival, New Zealand, 2007
Honorable Mention Tabloid Witch Awards, USA, 2007


Best Horror Short Film - Terror Film Festival, 2007
Best Editing - Terror Film Festival, 2007
Best Music Score - Terror Film Festival, 2007
Best Special Effects - Terror Film Festival, 2007

About the Director

Paul Campion started his career as a professional illustrator, creating book cover illustrations for best-selling authors such as Ben Elton and Wibur Smith. Following a Masters Degree in Computer Animation at Bournemouth University, he worked on the visual effects for the TV series Walking with Beasts before joining Peter Jackson's epic The Lord of the Rings trilogy, where he was responsible for creating the look of digital creatures such as the Balrog Mumakil and Shelob - which was voted number 6 in the top 10 all-time movie monsters. Since then he has worked on Constantine, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City, as well as The Da Vinci Code, X-Men 3, The Waterhorse and The Dambusters remake. Paul is currently in post-production on his first feature film, The Devil's Rock.  more>

Written by
Hadyn Green, Mike Roseingrave and Paul Campion
Format DigiBeta
Directors of photography Ben Robinson and Jono Smith
Music by Andrea Possee
Edited by Rob Hall
Stills by
Simon Theo 
Creature fx by Lara Lodato
Special Make-up fx by Iona McConnell
Matte Painting by Max Dennison
Starring Stephanie Ratcliff and Paul O'Neill.

Full credits here.


Horror Fest UK, Portsmouth, Nov 2006 - British Fantasy Society Fantasy Con Short Film Showcase 2006 - Nevermore Film Festival, Durham, USA  Feb 2007 - Angry Film Festival, Fitzroy, Australia, March 2007 - A Night of Horror Short Film Festival, Sydney, Australia, March 2007 - Zompire, The Undead Film Festival, Oregon, USA,May 2007 - Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, San Franciso, USA, June 2007 - It Came From Lake MIchigan Film Festival, Milwaukee, USA Oct 2007 - The Best of A Night of Horror, Perth, Australia, June 2007 - Dark Carnival Film Festival, Bloomington, USA, Aug 2007 - Rhode Island International Film Festival, Providence,USA, Aug 2007 - Dragon*Con Independant Film Festival, Atlanta, USA, Aug 2007 - Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, July 2007 - First Sundays Comedy Film Festival, New York, 2007 - Hollywood Reporter Tabloid Witch Awards, Los Angeles, Oct 2007 - NYC Horror Film Festival (Trailer Trash Showcase), USA, 2007 - ScreamfestLA, Los Angeles, USA, Oct 2007 -
Big Mountain Film Festival, New Zealand, Oct 2007 -
Eerie Horror Film Festival,  USA, Oct 2007 -  Sacramento Horror Film Festival, Sacramento, Oct 2007 - Thriller!Chiller! Film Festival, USA, Oct 2007 -
Terror Film Festival, Philadelphia, Oct 2007 - B-Movie Film Festival, Syracuse, USA, Oct 2007-
Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival, Italy, 2007 -
Show Me Your Shorts Film Festival, New Zealand, Nov 2007- Vine Shorts Fest, Santa Monica, USA, 2007 - Rhode Island Horror Film Festival, USA, Oct 2007 - Encounters Short Film Festival, UK, 2007 -
Big Issue Film Festival, UK, 2007




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