Boy and Girl come to the end of their first date and that awkward moment when they have to decide what happens next. When Girl catches Boy doing something a little odd, she sets them an unusual challenge: to make it home without touching the floor.

What follows is a surreal journey along benches, walls and railings of the south bank of the Thames - but eventually the game has to end. Can Boy and Girl stop playing and be honest with each other?

About the director

Phil Carr started his career in corporate media before joining the BBC as a cameraman and working across its whole range of programmes, including EastEnders and Children In Need. Hoopla! is his first short film.

Written & Directed by
Phil Carr
Format HDcam
Produced by Laura Huber & Elisabeth Pinto
Director of Photography Chris McCullough
Music by Peter, Bjorn and John
Edited by Adrian Griffiths
Starring Rebekah Manning & Adam Lewis

Hoopla! was made with the support of Iris London, The Sanctuary and VMI.



Boy and Girl start their journey

Rebekah Manning

Adam Lewis